See no evil, hear no evil

The world right now

The world right now

First of all, my condolences to anyone that has lost someone over the past week as a result of natural disasters or acts of terrorism. I stand with you. Now back to my article. Back to back has to be one of the most subliminal disses of 2015. Meek Mill just stood there taking punches like a bad photo on the net. The saddest bit was that he tried to respond and came up with some very mediocre track and took us centuries back as dark skins. Pac didn’t get shot 5 times for that and YG didn’t tell us about his six figures at Bank of America for this.

I’m like a reggae artist in most of life’s situations. I just sit back, play with my dreads (you don’t haffi dread to be rasta) and talk about things that actually affect society, like hunger, corruption, poverty, education and when I’m I getting laid next. I rarely ever take things to heart especially if they don’t physically harm me. Today however, things are a bit different. I read an article online that made me cringe. So as I’m writing this, I’m not holding back anything and have no personal feelings against the author.

The article had something to do with hookah/shisha smoking ladies and why they are the scum of the earth or womenfolk. I don’t know why hookah smoking ladies are scum of the earth and to be honest don’t really give two fecal pieces about it because I don’t smoke hookah. I feel for all the ladies that smoke this Arab delicacy and had to read through the whole article holding back tears and thinking about how lit the last hookah session was.

I have never read any of the said author’s articles and solely rely on the comment section of my Facebook page and whatsapp memes to get a clue of the content. Well, today I made the mistake of opening one of those links. It wasn’t because the headline was catchy or sensational but rather the comment a friend on Facebook had made. It read in part, “……I know so many people doing Shisha and the characteristics given here are so 0.1% true. Trying to hyperbole everything in an article sometimes just makes it loose (Her grammar, not mine) taste.” I had to see why an author would publish without facts.

This was just one of the few comments on both Twitter and Facebook of people giving their take on the article. Some agreed with her sentiments while others were clearly hit where it chokes most. I even saw a lady who did a video response in a really funny accent, a lot of passion but no factual content or conviction whatsoever. That was like a Meek Mill diss and she should go back to the studio and write a better script for her comeback, not everybody is good off the dome.

I did read bits and pieces of the article and nothing really caught my attention. It was all opinions and feelings which everyone is entitled to and if I was to skim through the article, I’d have no points to bring up in an argument. That is until I got a part that read, and I quote, “All you need is to buy her a pot of shisha and await her blackout, drag her to your car’s back seat and she is all yours.” Ok, let’s just assume for a moment a rapper wrote such lyrics. Rick Ross for example or Rich Homie Quan. In Rick Ross’s case you’d lose a deal with Reebok and if you’re Rich Homie Quan you’ll probably be Donkey of the Day.

I’m not sure the ladies commenting on this article read this bit or maybe I’m just too concerned with petty issues like subtly or rather blatantly claiming that if a lady blacks out it’s ok to get a piece of the cookie or all of it depending on your sugar tolerance levels. A few seconds ago, two ladies (I have to insist) posted comments to a post I’d commented on. The first one reads, “I read angrily…until I saw the health implications, and for once I am glad she has done the research for me.” The other comment read, “I usually don’t agree with her but this time I do. Probably and hopefully this style of writing does some good this time and captures the attention enough for people to realize the message in this article which is smoking shisha is not cool, and they need to read up on the dangers it causes to their health. As for the “raping” I think it is the reality of what happens in (It’s on not in) these crazy nights out…sometimes what people need is the harsh truth.”

She put rape in quotes! Fucking quotes! What is whoever you pray to’s name is wrong with this world? Smoking cigarettes has adverse effects on ladies to and nobody is telling us to rape them because it’s bad for their health. There is no justification for rape and no amount of harsh truths will justify it. The saddest bit is that it’s guys who are pointing out the rape bit. Most ladies are concerned of being called out for smoking hookah. Whether you smoke crack cocaine, loud, hookah or the traditional tobacco, that’s a personal choice whose dangers are well known to the users.

Feminists will fight for equality and cry foul every time over something petty but will not bat an eye lid at real issues. This is a lady saying it’s ok to pull down a girl’s panties if she has any on and bang her on the back seat of your car. First of all, why the back seat and why in a car? If you can afford to drive you can’t miss a place to sleep. Second of all, she’s unconscious and cannot consent to anything so no amount of euphemism can hide the fact that it’s rape.

The worst bit is that it’s coming from one of the largest media houses in the country. Anybody who’s read a book or knows how to key in searches on Google knows that ratings are what make or break a media house. Sensational journalism has become a trend and media houses are milking this honey pot dry. The article generated a lot of clicks but at what expense? Giving guys tips on what type of girls are susceptible to rape? Nation Media Group should advertise for an opening at the Editor’s office. Aga Khan must be very proud right now. The writer can write on her own platform but when she puts it on a platform that should create positive change, I’m left a bit confused.

It doesn’t make a difference whether it’s a guy or lady that wrote that article but I can bet my left testicle that if it was a guy the response would be very different. In simple terms, when a lady jokes or talks about rape casually it’s ok but if a man does it, the whole world loses its mind. It was rape when the “Mollis” clip was leaked but since it’s a lady trying to stop women from smoking shisha it can fly.

I’ve barely hit 10,000 hits since I started blogging a few years ago. Would I lose my principles over a paycheck? I haven’t received any money that would make me do so but I highly doubt I’d justify rape. I know ladies who smoke shisha and they’ve blacked out in the back seats of cars I was in but I didn’t know it was cool to rape them. Maybe if I did, I would either be in and out of court or getting similar treatment in some prison.

I’m not a woman and don’t plan on being one at any point in my life. I can’t stop any lady from smoking shisha as well. Will I just seat back and assume a lady suggested rape was ok? No! I think it’s high time we separated journalism, creative writing, reporting and garb. Too many people acting as journalists nowadays are making a profession meant to do good be the main source of excessively hydrated fecal matter.

Maybe I’m one of the few people who felt that the rape reference was out of line and borderline endorsement but then again, not everyone is offended by real issues. I’d be concerned about someone calling me the scum of my species if I smoked hookah but then again, people have called me all sorts of names for being an Arsenal fan and liking a certain type of girls; I haven’t lost any sleep yet except for 2006. I haven’t met any lady that is cool with rape yet, except for porn scenes which are scripted.

I want to stop typing but I’m still sifting through different channels to find at least 10 ladies saying it’s not right to talk about rape so lightly. It’s very difficult considering most of the ladies on this timeline are more concerned about who is right and who sets the standards for peoples’ social lives. It’s sad and truthfully disgusting that the most affected audience in this case is the unaffected parties. I’d sugar coat my words but it seems ladies like the hard truth.

There will never be equality or even equity in the world when we have ladies responding to an article about rape describing the writer’s looks. You’re more concerned that she looks hideous without make-up or she wears fake weaves than her stand on rape? If you commented on this article and never highlighted the rape issue shame on you. You would have been better as a photocopy machine or a vending machine because you cannot critically think about what you perceive. To the author and Nation Media Group, you owe more to the society than that garb you put out. Rape is rape and no matter how you put it has no justification.

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3 Responses to See no evil, hear no evil

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  2. mildred sakina says:

    Thank you Ted for calling her out on this.I think what’s happening nowadays is a desensitization of things that were considered serious before thanks to media making rape look like violent foreplay.They probably thought and knew that people would see everything else and miss that one sentence that took this story to a new level of low…and thank you for letting me know that if anything were to ever happen as a woman I can feel safe around you.:)

    • I respect human life Sakina and I cannot just look past something that affects someone for a lifetime as just some bit of a build up to someone’s content. Rape causes stigma that may last a lifetime me the fact that a media house is busy promoting an article that glorifies it is downright absurd. The worst thing is that I’ve even seen her Twitter account and nobody among her followers has mentioned that bit. Everyone is justifying why shisha is good or bad. I like girls so I can’t imagine myself of anyone who appreciates someone condoning an act of violence towards them. I will stand up for what is right at any time. I’d rather have a conscious mind than be cool.

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