Sometimes I simply sit back and pen letter to different girls in my mind. Usually, they are fictional and sometimes it’s actual human beings.

Dear Pulchra,

First of all let me say that the reference of dear in this case is in respect to the level of respect I accord you. I would say I hope you’re fine but from your physical appearance that would be tantamount to asking a rhetorical question. I’d start from the moment I saw you and tell you of how I was not struck at first by you and your friends. To be honest, if I did notice you first thing I saw you then I probably wouldn’t have been the first to talk to you. Your beauty was like an intelligent joke. I know I kind of lost you there, but just like the joke, your beauty needed time to sink in.

Your pony tail held back, your flawless dark skin and the smile. Wow, the smile. I have a million and one ways to describe your smile but I’ll just choose the one in the million because that’s how the words played in my mind before I uttered a complex hello.  Writing this letter, I can only picture your face while reading it.

You’ll either be alone, crawled up in your bed thinking, “This guy actually wasn’t playing around” or with your friends hovering around wondering who the mystery guy making you smile is. I’d love to keep it a mystery. Show you the best I have to offer but knowing I have a tendency of bettering my best.

My first instinct would be to say I like you, but I barely even know you. In know you like your tea black and fairly strong. You had your first pet, a cat named Kitty at the age of six and have a birth mark on the underside of your left arm. I know you pout when you’re mad and like your boys in all shapes and sizes but bad.  So when you asked what I thought about you and I said a lot, I had my list all planned out waiting to dictate it to you. What do I think of you? I think you’re amazing. Angels haven’t been seen so I’ll say you are a beautiful thought. Something I can mould into all kinds of perfection just by the mention of your name.

I’d write more but I wouldn’t want to turn a simple letter into a fiction and end up being the author instead of the main character. I may have made the first mistake in penning you a letter but I could also have made the best decision in our lives.

Yours Sincerely,

A smitten soul

About The One Potter

I'm not very different from the next writer. I'm extremely different. I don't just write, I live the life I write. I'd leave my number here for you but my email the1potter@gmail.com will suffice for now.
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7 Responses to Taken

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  2. Ely Kipkoech says:

    I can picture how that letter would look like in pen and paper, you had excellent handwriting man. I remember i used to draft my letters then hand them over to you to produce the fine and final copy ! Writing is an art, and you were incredibly talented at that!

  3. So this is how you confused your High school ‘girlfriends’ ?

  4. Cyndie says:

    This reminds me,I have been planning to write a letter to my man since last year. I have missed writting sweet nothings on paper, considering I was the go to girl back in high school,to write a love letter,lol(aaah, the good old days of how I used to pass my idle time in my cubicle) 🙂
    Now that I have read this;am going to write him that love letter,tommorow before I leave the house.
    Nice read this is.

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