I have no chance of being with her unless I have no potential

Mum, I have some news for you,

I don’t know how you’ll take it,

But it’s news,

I found this girl and I think she likes me,

We talk on the phone everyday,

And text all day,

She makes me really happy,

Not in the funny way,

It’s more of the warm and fuzzy way,

I’ve thought of being with her,

But there seems to be a minor issue,

She says,

I have no chance of being with her unless I have potential.

She says I’m good looking,

And funny at the same time,

She also thinks I’m intelligent because of my smart lines,

But she says that I’m not serious,

And I need to revise my life,

How is that possible?

I thought that was done in the nascent stages,

I’m all grown now and I have no time to change,

The best I can do is improve on what I already have,

But I like her mum,

Even though she says,

I have no chance of being with her unless I have potential.

But what is this potential?

Does she need to see my account balance?

Or does she need to know how much I’m inheriting?

I am a promising student,

My guidance counselor told me that,

And my lecturers think I’m smart enough to make it,

I thought potential was about the present and the future,

Was I supposed to be born with a job?

Or maybe have the same wealth as her dad by the time I was 21?

I can’t quite grasp the meaning of this statement,

Because potential is relative,

If other people have seen it,

What makes her so blind to it?

But then again she says,

I have no chance of being with her unless I have potential.

I approached dad about it,

He told me to let her go,

But he’s also the same guy, that told to never let go,

I’m really confused,

But I’m sure you can advice me with a sound mind,

I’ve done everything possible, to show I have potential,

I showed her my GPA,

She’s never seen one like that before,

I told her of my projects and what I plan to achieve,

I even gave her timelines,

Just to try and make her believe,

But money, cars and success,

That is what they use to deceive,


But father told me I could go farther,

If I expand my horizon and think further,

And furthermore, I would be able to achieve more,

But her words still ring in my head,

I have no chance of being with her unless I have potential.

Maybe it’s my friends,

She says that I’m miserable,

I have plenty of friends,

And remember misery loves company,

I think I was confused mum,

Because I only liked her,

But how many things do I like?

You tell me to be an ardent reader of the bible,

The Bible teaches me to love,

But you told me not to trust strangers,

So how I’m I supposed to love someone I don’t trust?

I’m not disturbed mum,

I’m just looking into my life,

You taught me to respect women,

So I can’t tell her the truth,

But since it’s you mum,

I guess I’ll tell you whatever I feel,

But I first have to remind you,

She said,

I have no chance of being with her unless I have potential.

Well, she likes money,

But then again, don’t we all?

She pushes me to the limit,

But you taught me never to fall for the material,

I don’t hate her but sometimes she drives me up the wall,

And when I’m up there,

I have some really nasty thoughts,

Like piling broken glasses on the floor,

And throwing her from the top,

And using the broken glasses to inscribe my name through her top,

So that she can remember,

The pain she puts me through,

The nights I sit on a table and drink my anger away,

And when it gets too deep,

I remember you told me to pray,

I know I’m shocking you mum,

But please hear me out,

I’ve never contemplated taking a life,

Especially not mine,

But every time I go to sleep,

The same words play in my head,

I have no chance of being with her unless I have potential.

But I have potential,

I sang the Neighbours theme song before I was three,

I also have the potential to know I deserve better,

Scratch that,

To know I deserve the best,

I wouldn’t have made it this far without any potential,

I have created a name for myself,

I now have the credentials,

I write,

To one person,

But reach out to many,

I’m still making something out of myself,

This whole process takes time,

And I’m taking my time to tell you this mum,

Because I’m not sure what I’ll do,

I think I’m losing it,

And whatever happens,

I want you to know I thought about it,

It’s all because she said,

I have no chance of being with her unless I have no potential.

So I‘m going to walk up to her,

And tell her that I liked her,

And to show her my potential I’ll tell her what I’ll do her,

I’ll walk her to the house,

Pour her up a glass of wine,

Play some slow music,

And dim the lights down,

Whisper in her ear,

And tell her of what could have been,

Hold her by the back of the neck and look straight into her eyes,

Plant my lips on hers,

And make her close her eyes,

Put my hand on her thighs,

And caress her neck well,

Grab her by the neck and hold her against the chair,

Squeeze her neck so tight and leave her gasping for air,

That’s what she does to me,

Every single day of the week,

Taking away the little precious moments in my life,

I will eventually forgive her,

As soon as I revenge,

I’m sorry you heard to read this mum,

But all the ladies I talk to say they want real men,

Well, a real man says the truth,

And that is what I’m doing,

I’m still your lovely son,

Just not an equal boyfriend,

To this mystery girl,

But I promise you mum,

I will fulfill my potential,

Sad enough she ‘ll be there to witness it,

But not long enough to enjoy it.

I will have this on my tombstone,

I have no chance of being with her unless I have no potential.


About The One Potter

I'm not very different from the next writer. I'm extremely different. I don't just write, I live the life I write. I'd leave my number here for you but my email the1potter@gmail.com will suffice for now.
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18 Responses to I have no chance of being with her unless I have no potential

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  2. kamuche says:

    You murderer lol.

  3. Cyndie says:

    ha ha ha… Ted dear,get that potential that she so much wants.. afterall mwanaume ni effort 😉
    Awesome read..

  4. Tete says:

    Truly you were right last we talked bout this topic you surely did insist on how the statement didn’t make sense at all!
    As always awesome piece

  5. jewelswenyaa says:

    I’ve forwarded this to the police 😉

    Keep happy luv!

  6. lol, the extent of potential energy depends on how much energy can be exerted when the potential energy is zero; so one can deduce that the lesser you have now, the more you’ll gain with time. I mean, how can you be given when your hands are already full?
    *passes blunt to the next person*

  7. brenda kinoti says:

    really intemresting piece

  8. Elsy says:

    A great read it was. 🙂

  9. Elvin says:

    Nice Nice my guy..good read

  10. my boss says that potential is overrated,plus clearly this chica didn’t do Physics to know the difference between potential and kinetic energy:)loved it
    check me out https://mildredsakina.wordpress.com🙂

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