The innocent thief

Elia was one of the most alluring ladies that Pete had ever come across. They say beauty is relative but the relativity of relativeness cannot be measured. She was beautiful by any standards. Pete had found in her something that he had not experienced in a very long time. A sense of innocence wrapped in a naughty nature. This was the kind of lady he knew would fulfill his desires. Elia on the other hand was on a conquest to find the one she would love. The meeting between the two was by fate and as fate would have it, they were not going to back down form this opportunity.

Fate would have it that they were on holiday at the same time, in the same location and with the same intention. Elia was the shy type that preferred to keep everything under the radar and Pete was just Pete. Anything would go without giving it a second thought. As they were both going for breakfast, Elia stole a glance at Pete and her eyes were burning with lustful desire. Pete knew that he only had eyes for her and if he did not take up this chance, he would have to live with an unaccomplished goal for life.

As evening approached, all that ran in Pete’s mind was whether he was going to have a one-on-one with Elia or not. As he was sitting on the beach front with his friends, he was glancing at his phone every three minutes. As time flew by he lost all hope of ever being with her. He set his sights on another girl who was not Elia or anything close to it. He met Faiza who was open to anything he was down for. They started on a high note and things looked to go really well. Her cylindrical thighs, rounded bust, silk lips and hypnotic smile were now clearer. He walked her to her room and as soon as the door shut so did the innocence. She plastered her soft lips on his and he gently grabbed her by the bum and lifted her on to the counter. She leaned back as he slowly pulled her skirt up. He kissed gently on the neck as she began to quiver. He slipped his hand on her back side and gently lifted her. Then there was a knock on the door.  Faiza’s boyfriend was at the door. They both dressed up and Pete went to the balcony where he sat down. The boyfriend was drunk and didn’t notice a thing. Pete casually slipped out of the room.

The first person he met at the staircase was Elia. Hot from the steamy mini-romance he had just experienced, he still wanted Elia. Without a word, she grabbed his hand and led him to her room. On one of the bed, a friend was asleep but this did not deter them from what was about to ensue. They jumped onto one of the beds and locked their lips. He lifted her bikini top from over her neck and started kissing her firm rounded boobs. She moaned gently and arched her back. They turned to look at the friend on the next bed and decided to move to the bathroom. She sat on the counter as he passionately kissed her lips and ran his fingers on her back. He untied the knot on her bikini bottom and kissed her navel as he rubbed her thighs.

He put the tip of his tongue on her slit and played with it. She was gradually getting wet and wrapped her legs around his neck. She put her hand on his head and pressed it on her crotch. He swirled his tongue on her slit and in and around her vagina. He rose to his feet and slipped into her as she gasped and let out a moan. He thrust into her in a rhythmic motion as their sweaty bodies came into contact. After a number of thrusts they both climaxed and lay on the counter, with looks of accomplishment on their faces.

About The One Potter

I'm not very different from the next writer. I'm extremely different. I don't just write, I live the life I write. I'd leave my number here for you but my email will suffice for now.
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