Letter to a Spartan

I Salute you Spartan,

300. A motion picture that caught the eyes of many while at the same time inspiring the hearts of more. The life of a warrior is not determined by how many years he has walked this earth but the number of obstacles he has conquered. A warrior is someone who does not doubt his thoughts. A warrior is a person whose conscience has a conscience if I may say. I have the privilege of having spent time with many warriors. So today I take my time to pay tribute to those that walked with me and those that are by my side. Family is not only about blood cultural ties. Family is more of a mental connection between parties and how much one is willing to sacrifice for the other. Being part of a family makes one know that not everyone will raise you high just to watch you fall.

The journey of a Spartan begins when principles are in agreement. Being a warrior is all about having a common goal and not necessarily uniform means of achieving these goals. I pour out my thoughts to a brother, a friend and a great man. Eric Jura, I took my time to write this because I had to be sure that you would not defy death. I want to be like the rest and mourn your loss but instead I choose to celebrate your life. You and I were opposite sides of a coin. You were the one who preferred the beat down before the talk, the flow over the lyrics. But one thing we had in common is that we both preferred to enjoy life and loyalty. Loyalty and life are things that go hand in hand. If a person is loyal, there will be respect. Respect is greater than love. Not everybody will love you for who you are but once a person respects you, they do that for the person you are. The bouncers you beat up did not love you but respected you for the fact that you stood for what you believed in. If there’s a person you looked up to, it was Muammar Gaddafi and his is the epitome of what respect was. He was not everyone’s cup of tea but even after his death respect still echoed what was a legacy left behind.

Just like every other family relationship we may have had our disputes but we sat down like men and sorted them out. The line you repeated so many times was, “Told my ex don’t be bitter, be better”. Fabulous said it but you emphasized it and as much as it was just a line for you, it was a philosophy for me. I have learnt that once things are done away with and everything is sorted out, do not bring back the past to determine the future. Being a warrior is more of choosing to be behind the camera and letting others be the focus. People said I was crazy when I said I’d attend your funeral service just to see all the beautiful girls that would show up. I know you’d kill me but you have really hot cousins. I understand why you hid them from me. I’d hide my own cousins if I had a twin. I remember sitting next to some rastaman during the service and he looked at the picture of Jesus and asked me, “Why is he not black?” You, Joseph and I shared a passion for Africa. If you were the one in my position you’d have fist bumped the hippy and laughed out loud. Victoria read the chorus to Valley of Death and I was telling Juelz, “I told you this house nigga loved that song!”. I’m certain wherever it is people go after death you are telling Pac and Biggie of these artists known as Rick Ross and Pusha T. Pusha still hasn’t replied the Kendrick verse but if he does it’s too late though I know he’d murk that beat.

I’m not willing to be the house Negro so it’s going to be a race between JT and Steve. Steve is probably the front runner because he blacked out the longest when all of us were last together as a group. Junior hasn’t shaved that savannah grassland of a head yet and I am planning an intervention with all the jobless barbers. Your guy Kidero smacked the ratchetness out of Shebesh on Friday, some real gangsta shit right there. And on that gangsta business, the trench coat you were rocking was top class and they didn’t completely pull the Uhuru comb but it was almost there. I haven’t met Joy yet. Milk prices are too high right now and mothers are the last people anyone wants to meet. Pampers are on offer but the kid will get hungry and you can’t deny it what is rightfully his. We are planning on going to Coast in October for recess. Though most likely not at the same time, we are on a mission to live and let live. Junior will most likely be the weird guy with the go-pro camera recording what will be an epic story which I’ll probably write down for you. The girls are ok I guess. Since your disappearing act I haven’t really had the opportunity to have a chat with either of them but I guess it’s all good. If there are any beautiful girls there just tell them to hold on for 70 more years, I’ll come with experience for a century. At the moment I will just be the gentleman I think I am and settle down with myself. I’ll keep you up to date with everything that is going on though that depends on how many beautiful girls are around me. Just tell Aaliyah and Left Eye I will be cheating on them with Kelly Rowland till she can’t take anymore kisses down low. As for Lady S, just try your luck bro, I’m sure she’s met some refined ninjas there who have fine tuned her. I’ll be sending you information on a regular basis but until then, stay away from any fights until you have partnered with Eddie Guerrero or Chris Benoit.

This is a letter to all my fallen warriors Muas, Davie, Tosh, Onyi and any that I may not have mentioned. Respect!

Words from a fellow Spartan.

About The One Potter

I'm not very different from the next writer. I'm extremely different. I don't just write, I live the life I write. I'd leave my number here for you but my email the1potter@gmail.com will suffice for now.
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